Dear Smith, You Are 2 Months Old!

Dear Smith,

You are 2 months old! My sweet baby boy, how has another month passed already?!


This month has truly been so much fun with you. I’ve always said I don’t love the newborn phase, but you my love, may have changed my mind on this. Once we entered month 2 and you started sleeping a little better and we got breastfeeding figured out, I have really started loving this phase. You are truly the sweetest little baby, full of smiles, and cooing more than ever. It’s my absolute favorite thing to have our little “conversations” together. Other people may think my baby voice is obnoxious, but it’s more than worth it to see your big grin and flirty eyes, and hear your sweet coos and squeaks.

I’ve continued to follow the eat/play/sleep schedule with you. It worked well with your brother and sister, and it seems to be working well with you too! I am a lot more ‘laxed on our “schedule” than I ever was with your brother and sister, but we do our best to stick to it. I love that you are awake more this month during your “play” time. You stay awake for about and hour, sometimes closer to an hour and a half as the day progresses. During your “play time”, we talk with one another, your sister and brother love to play with you, and you love your activity mat and your swing. You start to kick and move your arms more, and get a little fussy when you’re ready to go down for a nap. We swaddle you, turn the sound machine on, give you your pacifier, and you typically fall right to sleep.

Smith 2 months old 2
Smith 2 months old

Night sleep has remained pretty consistent throughout the month with the occasional rough night. I typically will feed you around 7-7:30pm for the night, do our nighttime routine (diaper change, swaddle, song), and lay you down for the night. Around 10-10:30, I will do a “dream feed” with you, which you typically will only wake just enough to eat, and then you go right back down. From there, it’s our longest stretch and you’ll wake again around 3-4am, depending on the night. The next feeding is usually when we get up for the day, which is anywhere from 6-7am.

Breastfeeding has continued to go pretty well. I still have to help you stay latched on, but you seem to be getting better with it as time goes on. You are growing and still pooping plenty, so I am confident you’re getting enough to eat, which is what matters! You have your 2 month appointment later this week, so I’ll be curious to see how much you’ve grown. I am guessing you’re around 13-14 pounds now.

You went on two weekend getaways this past month, one of which was local for our family staycation, and the other was to Las Vegas for a funeral for my Aunt Cheri. Hotel sleeping is never my favorite, but we made it work! You were such a trooper in the car, and you did so well as you were passed around among family members and put up with some more action packed days.

Another big milestone this past month was that you were officially old enough to go into the gym childcare! Your sister loves that you get to be in there with her. Every time I pick you up, the childcare workers tell me how great of a baby you are and that you hardly fussed.

You’re truly a dream boat of a baby, little Smith! We love you to the moon and back, and we are so grateful you’re apart of our family!