What Clients have to Say


These testimonials, among many others I have received, are from clients who have completed my 6 Week Fat Loss Cycle program. Reading these makes my heart burst with joy!

After 6 weeks I feel the best that I have in YEARS – like I might even feel better than I did before my wedding – and it has nothing to do with the scale or what size I am wearing – it’s just a total overall feeling, and it feels amazing – I feel IN CONTROL and it was just a few short weeks ago that I felt totally out of control eating whatever and hardly working out. My best friend has been telling me for years that she doesn’t think I eat enough – I thought that the only way I could lose weight was if I ate 1200 calories a day for weeks – it wasn’t until trying this bootcamp that I finally decided to give “eating more” a try – and it was also the first time I tried low carb and tracking my macros - and I was terrified - before the first day I thought “could I do this?” but honestly, it’s EASY, this program is EASY and it works - if you're honest with yourself. Who doesn’t have time for short workouts? Who doesn’t have time to add yummy avocados and bowls of oatmeal and pb into their schedule? We all have time (even busy working moms like myself) and the ONLY hard part about this program is planning. But if you plan then you will succeed – it’s as simple as that. Thanks for the confidence boost and the overall improvement to my health. I feel amazing. -Valerie

Wow! Where do I start? I am feeling amazing after this 6 week program. Physically, I have lost several inches and I can see more muscle definition, especially in my arms and core. I have more energy and less cravings. Mindful eating has become so much easier. I have gained so much confidence in myself. I always thought I was eating healthy and exercising the right way, but this program has shown me that my old habits of eating less and working out more were not giving me the results I wanted. I feel like I have gained so much knowledge about the smart way to fuel my body.

-Brianne Soule

I have loved this program! I learned SO much about fueling my body properly for my workouts. I never really understand the macros, but it was very simple after joining this program. I also am more toned all over because I was able to go much harder in workouts. AND my cravings were basically gone, which is something I have never experienced before. I loved being apart of this and so glad I did it.


I've done three of your bootcamps this year because I've wanted to get back in shape after baby #2 and try something new. I totally LOVED every single one. I've learned so much about tracking macros, carb cycling and healthy eating. My clothes fit better, i have more energy( I find myself not needing afternoon coffee 👍🏻) , I'm running faster AND latley ive been getting all kinds of compliments about looking fab after two kids! Can't ask for more than that! Thanks Ashley.


Participating in your program has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions I've made in my weight loss journey. I've never felt so in control and mindful about the food I put into my body and how it fuels my day to day routine and workouts. I haven't felt deprived of anything the entire 6 weeks. In fact, I consumed more calories and had better results both on the scale and off than any other diet/exercise plan I've participated in. Cravings...GONE! 7 pounds...GONE!!!! I'm officially below my goal weight but I'm so encouraged I probably wont stop there! My favorite part is that I didn't have to go out and spend a million dollars on special "diet" food. I just ate my usual healthy foods and adjusted to fit them into the ratios for the day. The workouts were challenging but completely manageable, very organized, and took only 30-40 minutes out of my full time working, mom of 4, busy day! Hardly an excuse to miss one and even found myself looking forward to them! What?!?! Thank you Ashley for teaching me the way to a better relationship with food and for holding me accountable EVERY SINGLE DAY.

-Elaine Costanzo

I have learned so much from this carb cycling program and have seen great results. I'm 7 months post partum and am in better shape now than I was before I was pregnant. Between the bikini boot camp and carb cycling program, I lost 9 pounds and inches everywhere. My energy is high, and I have loved seeing more definition in my muscles. Up until this point I felt like I had hit a fitness plateau, and this program was perfect for breaking through that. The accountability and set nutrition and workout plan were key, and definitely worth the time and money investment!

-Abby Mallow

In a world full of shoulds and should nots, fat and skinny, too much and not enough, "bad" foods and "good" foods I was thrilled to find a program that didn't emphasize any of that. I love that all foods can be used to make you stronger, more fit, and more healthy. I am the most ripped I've been in my life and look forward getting stronger. Food doesn't control me like it used to, but is more of a tool to help fuel my workouts and help me reach healthy goals. You do you in this program while being supported by a community! Rock on strong women!


I went into this program wanting to try carb cycling & really challenge myself to lift more. I have always been a runner & ate healthy but had the mindset of I needed to eat less to stay "skinny." Throughout this process I have learned that less is not best! I have never felt like I was depriving myself of food but fueling my body with healthy food. I breastfed the entire 6 weeks and never saw a decrease in my milk supply! I have also started to take BCAAs daily & can tell they are helping. My arms & legs definitely have more muscle definition & I find myself more excited for lifting days than cardio days! So thankful I did this program & will be doing more in the future!

-Chelsea Colon

A friend suggested I try carb cycling with Ashley Wiseman when I was stuck on a fitness plateau for about 4 months. Of course that progress was all determined by the number on the scale. My 1st bootcamp with Ashley (yep, there is more than one!) I didn't totally buy into the process 😬. Eat 50% carbs!? What!? Run without carbs!? What!? Eat 1500 calories!? Whaat!? But as I slowly let go and trusted her the results I attained were amazing. Muscle tone everywhere, I got my waist back and my stamina is out the roof! I am now at the end of my 3rd bootcamp. I try not to focus on the number on the scale (try!), although after 3 bootcamps I am down 12 lbs. My waist is 5 inches smaller. My legs and arms have more muscle tone and definition than ever. But my most important take away, is letting go of fear to just try. I didn't think I could run sprints, but yes I can! I didn't think I could ever do planks and burpees, but yes I can! Pushups...no longer a fear but a strength. Each bootcamp is more rewarding than the last and I can't wait for my next one!

-Stephanie Blue

This is a great program for busy people! The workouts are laid out for you and can be done at home with a set of hand weights. I found this to fit nicely with my lifestyle and helped me to learn the power of what I put into mouth to fuel my body. I have so much more energy since implementing this program, I've been healthier than in the past, and my clothes are fitting great! I can see myself getting stronger each week and I also noticed small victories right away! The accountability of the facebook group was also an integral part of my success. Ashley's positive comments and feedback along with her encouraging words and meal ideas were awesome!

- Lora Smith

I started this program with the hope of losing the baby weight I had gained with my last pregnancy. After years of unhealthy eating and a horrible relationship with food, I knew I needed to find something that was maintainable and would teach me to nourish my body with healthy foods, instead of depriving it. What I gained from this program was so much more than I could have hoped for. I have learned what portion sizes are, how much better I feel when I eat heathy and incorporate exercise into my life, and how I can still enjoy a lot of different foods I didn't think were "good" for me. Most of all carbs! I have more energy, I am stronger and above all- I am so much HAPPIER! For the first time in a long time, I am seeing not only physical differences in my body by taking good care of it, but I know I am taking care of myself which has made me a better mom and wife!

-Amanda Pace

I was so intimidated by the term "carb cycling" but also intrigued and knew I needed to make a change! Ashley's boot camp provided me with all the tools and taught me so much more than I anticipated! This type of community is full of accountability as well as encouragement! At the end of these six weeks I'm not just down pounds and inches- I have more energy and confidence! I love that this program isn't just a "quick fix" but something that I can continue implementing in my daily life.

-Jaime Schumacher

I love that Ashley's approach to fitness and exercise is all about balance. I've noticed that I'm way more conscience of the foods I eat but not in a restrictive way, which is really important to me. Her workouts challenge me but they aren't excessive, and her encouragement is super helpful when you're feeling defeated or stuck. I have done three of Ashley's programs now and every time she comes out with a new one I instantly want to sign up! With each program I've definitely lost inches in my things and stomach which are my problem areas, so it feels wonderful to see those areas change. Most importantly, I've gained confidence in myself and I have much better relationship with food, exercise, and my body.

-Courtney Johnson

This program has been literally life changing. I didn't know what carb cycling was before, I didn't have motivation to get to the gym before, when I did get to the gym I didn't know what to do there. I've gained so much confidence and learned about strengths I didn't know I had. I now go to the gym 5 days a week. I crave work outs. I have NEVER said that in my life. This program has given me knowledge for a lifetime.


I cannot say enough positive things about Ashley's bootcamp programs! I have learned so much about nutrition and how to properly fuel my body. Carb cycling has been a game changer for me and I have really leaned out and toned up after implementing a couple days of carb cycling into my week. I have increased energy levels, my clothes fit better and I can now do 10 full push-ups in a row...this is huge for me as I started my fitness journey barely doing 1! I fully contribute this increased strength to this bootcamp and the excellent fitness guide. Thank you Ashley for being so motivating and encouraging through the this bootcamp!


I have loved this program! Not only have I toned up and lost inches from my waist and thighs but I have gained so much energy and am sleeping great. I have struggled with low energy levels and poor sleep for the past year + so to have more energy and feel like I am finally properly fueling my body is a huge win! This program has been the reset that I needed. Ashley has been super supportive and this program has been very comprehensive. I can't wait to do another program with her in the future!

-Amy MerMaat