Dear Smith, You Are 1 Month Old!

Dear Smith,

You are one month old sweet boy! It’s hard to believe how quickly this past month has flown, yet it feels like you’ve been apart of our family forever. Time is a funny thing.


The first couple weeks of you being here were a little harder than I anticipated, as we discovered you had a tongue and lip tie which were hindering your breastfeeding skills (and my poor nipples!). We had to do some pumping + bottle feeding during this time to allow me to heal, which wasn’t ideal, but we made it work! We found a great pediatric dentist that used a laser to remove the ties. It wasn’t an instant fix for us, but your breastfeeding skills improved drastically after several days. I think we were both much happier after all of that was resolved!

Your sleep was fairly typical those first few weeks. You woke up every 2-3 hours to eat, and we just rolled with it, as we should those first few weeks! We didn’t really implement any sort of schedule or routine; I just fed you on demand and soaked up every snuggle I possibly could (and there were a lot, which I absolutely loved)!


Once we hit 3-4 weeks, it was time for your older brother and sister to start school, so that encouraged me to get us into more of a routine with your eating + naps. I started doing an eat, play, sleep routine with you, which I also did with your brother and sister. I definitely feel like this helped your naps and nighttime sleeping, of which I was very grateful! We started hitting a four hour stretch the first part of the night, which made all the difference for your mama. I felt like a new woman!

Toward the end of month one, you started opening up your eyes more, making little cooing noises, and we started to see the beginning of smiles. It makes my heart melt every single time, and your daddy, brother, and sister get excited every single time you start to coo or smile.


Speaking of your sister and brother, they sure do love you! Your sister has a routine of kissing, hugging (which is more like a big squeeze which I have to monitor and makes me cringe every time, but I know it’s all out of extreme love for you!), and touching your cheek every time she sees you. Your brother, which we say you’re a mini-me of, tells me “I’m the best mama ever” for allowing you to join our family. Needless to say, you are very loved!

At your one month check-up, the nurse commented on how big you are, which made me happy to know you were eating and growing well. You were right around 11 pounds, which put you right in the 60th percentile, making you our biggest baby to date!

Keep growing and smiling sweet boy. I thank God every day for blessing us with you. You are loved more than you know!


Your Mommy