How I Feel About Tracking Macros

Tracking macros can be an incredibly helpful tool, but in my opinion, it’s not meant to be done for all of time. It’s a tool that be used to help recognize habits, change habits, and help reach various health and fitness goals (fat loss, strength gains, etc). But it’s just that — a TOOL to have handy in your back pocket when you need to make changes and want some guidance in your nutrition.

Some women come to me nervous about tracking macros because they don’t want to get too caught up in the numbers or they don’t want to track forever. I get it, same here! But that’s why my goal for my clients is to learn how to track, recognize the habits they need to change, and implement these changes while tracking for a short time. Once the new habits are developed and they’re on their way to reaching their goals, my hope for them is to be able to implement what they learned and intuitively and mindfully eat from the habits they developed from tracking. Because to SEE changes, we must RECOGNIZE changes ... and most people don’t even know what changes they need to make until they start tracking what they’re putting in their mouth.

My current 6 Week Fat Loss Cycle clients are in Week 2 of learning all about tracking macros and carb cycling, and they are totally rocking it! They are already seeing some great results, and I'm so proud of them. In case you missed it, registration is officially open for the next round. We start prep work Monday, January 29 and officially kick off on Monday, February 5. There are a limited amount of slots available, and they are already filling up. Sign up today by clicking HERE! I would love to work with you reach your health and fitness goals this year. 


Ashley Wiseman