My Core Beliefs and Mission For You


My mission has evolved over the last several years of being in the social media world. I used to be more of a "lifestyle blogger" with an emphasis on health and fitness, and that eventually transitioned into an online training/coaching fitness and nutrition business. Along with that transition, my specific mission has continually evolved, but my heart has remained the same -- to empower and uplift women.

Through a lot of refining and reflecting, my mission for Ashley Wiseman Fitness is this: To empower women to live a fulfilling life through a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition, self love, and putting forth their full potential.

When you visit my social media account, blog, and/or participate in one of my programs, my hope and prayer is that you will feel encouraged, challenged, and inspired. I want it to be a place of positivity, love, and growth.

Here are a few of my core beliefs and goals for you that align with my mission:

  • That you can have goals to change your body, but that doesn't mean you should love it less.

  • That aesthetic results are awesome, but results are more than just what you look like.

  • That self love isn't about what your body looks like; it's about appreciation for what your body can do.

  • That you can reach and hit your health and fitness goals without restriction or deprivation.

  • That making and hitting goals in your health and fitness can instill confidence and strength in other areas of your life.

  • That when you are fueling your body well, staying active, and treating your body well, you are better able to fulfill your unique purpose.

There are a bazillion health and fitness people to follow these days with all sorts of varying messages, but THIS is what you can expect to hear from me. Thank you for following along!


Ashley Wiseman