A Few Of My Current Favorite Things [February 2019]

Hi my friends!

I was feeling a fun, lighthearted blog post today and thought I could share a few of my favorite things lately — from TV shows to fashion to food and beyond! I may try to make this a monthly thing if you guys enjoy it and find it helpful. I personally enjoy these posts from my favorite social media influencers and bloggers so I can get new ideas, try new-to-me products, etc.!

Current Favorite TV Show(s)

I really don’t watch much television, but I usually have a show (sometimes two) that I watch on my own while I’m folding laundry or enjoying some downtime, and then Cody and I usually have a show we enjoy together. Here’s a list of our current favorites!

The Bachelor


Oh yes, I’m one of those that gets way too caught up in the drama of this ridiculous show! Ha! I usually catch up on it during Reese’s nap time when I’m folding laundry. I call it my weekly “laundry folding show”. I’m still not sure how I feel about Colton, but Cassie is definitely my favorite girl so far. Don’t get me started on Demi!

A Million Little Things

I started this show a little late in the season, so I’m still playing a little bit of catch up. I think I’m a couple episodes behind noq. I have really enjoyed this one! It’s real life, but not too emotionally overbearing for me like I felt “This Is Us” was at times. (Sorry “This Is Us” fans… I tried, but just couldn’t!)

New Amsterdam

This is the show that Cody and I usually watch together once a week. We both enjoy it a lot! I love Ryan Eggold (Dr. Max Goodwin) from Blacklist, and I think he does a fantastic job in this show as the “good guy” as well. It’s a drama that keeps you entertained and gets you easily hooked; I always want to know what’s coming next!

Recent Favorite Book(s)

It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way by Lysa Terkheurst

Oh.my.goodness. I cannot say enough good things about this book. If you’ve ever had ANY sort of struggle in your life (which is about 99.9% of us!) and/or you’re currently going through a hard season, please do yourself a favor and go buy this book right now! It’s so refreshing, uplifting, encouraging … and you feel like Lysa is speaking right to you and your heart. Even if you haven’t been through much struggle in your life, I think it’s beneficial to read so you can know how to help a friend or relative that is going through a hard time. Basically everyone and anyone needs to read this! I implemented it into my daily devotions each morning, and it was so rejuvenating for me.

The Bungalow by Sarah Jio

I’ve only read a couple of Sarah Jio’s books, but I really have enjoyed her! This specific book of hers is more of a historical fiction genre, which doesn’t typically interest me much, but this one proved me otherwise! It kept me engaged, and just kept getting better as the story progressed. There’s a love story, there’s friendship drama, there’s some suspense … it captures all of your emotions, and I highly recommend it!

Current Favorite Food(s)

Babybel Gouda Cheese

Gimme all the cheese! While I love cheese anytime, pregnant or not, the craving has definitely amplified even more in the past month or so thanks to pregnancy! I had never tried the gouda flavor of Babybel, and it is SO GOOD!

Hard Boiled Eggs


Most likely another pregnancy craving, but such a great healthy snack for anyone! I’ve been cooking them in my Instant Pot, which makes me love them even more since it makes it so easy to prep! I find that it makes the eggs a lot easier to peel too! Directions for Instant Pot: I place the eggs on the trivet, add 1 cup of water, manual pressure cook for 5 minutes, natural steam for 5 minutes, put eggs in ice water for 5 minutes. Easy peasy!!

Square Organics Bars

You may have recently seen me talk about these on Instagram or Facebook, but I must mention them again, because they are SO GOOD! They are a bar that was recently introduced to me, and I’m a huge fan. I love the ingredient list, they’re tasty, and they have absolutely no artificial taste to them. P.S. You can get them for 20% off from their site when you use code ASHLEYLWISEMAN. (I earn absolutely nothing from this, FYI!)

Current Favorite Fashion Find(s)

Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Active Leggings


I bought these on clearance a month or two ago, so they’re out of stock. But, I totally love them, and I’m considering purchasing a black pair of the same brand. I have received so many compliments on them for their cute pattern too. They are soft, durable, and stay up — perfect! I just wish I would’ve bought another pair or two!

IdealFit Seamless Leggings

These are amazing whether you’re pregnant or not. The waistband is stretchy, so you can set them under your belly for pregnancy, but they’re amazingly comfortable regardless. They’re thick, soft, and just so darn cozy! Perfect for exercising or lounging! FYI: Use code AWISEMAN for an extra 10% off your IdealFit orders!

Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Scoop Neck Tank

I have several of these tanks, and they SAVE me without breaking the bank on maternity tops. They’re so versatile, as you can make so many outfits with them. I wear them under shorter non-maternity tees, I wear them under cardigans and jackets, and I can wear them by themselves when it starts to warm up. They are soft, stretchy, long, and so comfortable. I highly recommend them for my pregnant friends!

(Do you notice a trend here? I’m all about comfy these days! Ha!)

What is your current favorite…

…TV show?



…fashion find?

Share with us!

(Also let me know if there’s any other favorites you’d like to hear from me next month!)

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