Postpartum + Nursing Friendly Outfits for Summer

Postpartum outfits can be a whole new challenge, right?! Your body is essentially “in between” sizes of pre-pregnancy and pregnancy. And then if you’re factoring in breastfeeding, your outfit needs to be easily accessible to breastfeed your baby. I accept that my body won’t instantly shrink back to its pre-pregnancy shape and weight (no woman should put that pressure on herself!), so I have a rotation of outfits and styles that I have enjoyed wearing, are practical for breastfeeding, and make me feel comfortable in my postpartum body.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite outfit ideas for this season of my life. I’m no “fashion blogger”, but I do enjoy fashion and style, and thought some of these ideas may be helpful some of my fellow postpartum mamas! Note: A lot of these items are no longer available and/or out of stock, so I’ve linked similar pieces.


postpartum outfit 1

Here’s a great sporty casual look for when you’re running around with your kiddos, and you want to be cool and comfy. I am loving these stretchy, drawstring style denim shorts for this postpartum phase. They are comfortable and the wash is a fun trendy look. I like this loose boyfriend style tank top that I can easily pull up to breastfeed. Pair with some sporty tennis shoes to complete the look!


postpartum outfit 2

This would make a great outfit for church or a brunch out with girlfriends. I find that most dresses are hard to wear when nursing because they don’t pull down well, so I’ve really been loving skirts with a nursing friendly top or blouse. This high waisted wrap skirt is flowy and comfortable (I got this one from ThredUp, but linking a similar one HERE), and helps me feel confident in my postpartum skin. Pair it with a form fitting tank top that you can easily pull down from the top to breastfeed. Pair this outfit with some cute slides or wedges.


postpartum outfit 3

This outfit would work for so many different scenarios! It’s a great day-to-day look when you’re running errands, meeting up with girlfriends, and could even work for church or a casual date night out! Once again, I’m loving these drawstring shorts that aren’t tight fitting or restrictive. I paired them with a neutral button down loose fitting tank to make breastfeeding super easy. I have also been loving bralettes to spice up an outfit, they are also super comfy, and can easily be pulled down or to the side to nurse. Pair this simple outfit with some fun shoes and accessories! I’m loving leopard right now, so these espadrille leopard sandals were a great option for this outfit.

I hope you find these outfits to be helpful as you navigate the postpartum season! It’s important for me to feel confident and comfortable in my skin, particularly during this time when I’m adjusting to my body feeling and looking a little different. Finding the right outfit can make all the difference!

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