Five Favorites | September Edition

Here we are with another one of my favorite posts to write … my Five Favorites of the month, September edition! Seriously, September FLEW BY at lightning speed. I don’t even know where the month went?! Well, let’s get right to it! Five of my favorite things this month…

Dip Nails

dip nails

I don’t get my nails professionally done often, but every few months I treat myself to a gel manicure for a special occasion. This past month, I had a few free hours to myself so I decided to go for an afternoon at the nail salon to get a mani and pedi. I was going to go with my usual gel manicure, but the nail technician convinced me to try a dip manicure. I had heard of dip before, but was hesitant to go with something new. Well, sure enough, I am hooked on the dip! I love the look of it, it’s healthier for my skin and nails, AND it lasts longer! It’ll surely be my new go-to when I get a manicure from here on out!

Bachelor In Paradise

Where are my BIP fans at?! This season has been particularly fun for me to watch because I’ve kept up on the last few seasons of The Bachelor, so I know all of the people fairly well. But seriously, so.much.drama!! I guess that’s what keeps me coming back?! What will I do in my free time until January when the next season of The Bachelor airs?!

Abercrombie & Fitch High Rise Jeans

Abercrombie High Rise Jeans

The one thing I missed wearing the most while pregnant was high rise jeans and pants! I was on a quest to find a couple new pairs for my postpartum body, and I snatched some from Abercrombie & Fitch recently. I absolutely LOVE them! The fit is on point, the style is on trend, and the quality is great too! And hey, it’s finally cool enough in Arizona to sport jeans, so I’ve been wearing them on the regular lately!

14 Hands Hot to Trot Red Blend Wine

Oh man, did I miss wine when I was pregnant! This 14 Hands Hot to Trot Red Blend Wine is a favorite “cheaper” red blend wine of mine, and it recently went on crazy sale at our local grocery store, so we stocked up! I’ve been sipping on it here and there lately, and loving it! I highly recommend this one for a more affordable red blend option!

IdealFit Chocolate Collagen

IdealFit Collagen

I’ve been adding this chocolate collagen to my coffee each morning lately, and I love how it resembles a mocha without all the added sugar! Not to mention, it delivers a healthy dose of collagen protein, which aids in the health of our hair, nails, skin, and muscle recovery. I talk more about collagen and its benefits HERE. Be sure to use code AWISEMAN15 to get an additional 15% off your order if you decide to grab some!

What are some of your favorite things in September?! Share in the comments so we can check them out!