Dear Smith, You Are 3 Months Old!

Dear Smith,

Oh my sweet boy, I cannot believe you’re 3 months old! I may say that every single month, but this past month truly did FLY! With each month that passes, you continue to get more fun. You are starting to get more vocal — crying more loudly when you want something, and cooing/grunting/smiling when you’re trying to talk to us. It’s my absolute favorite to have little “conversations” with you because you are so enthusiastic in your baby babbling and give me the biggest grins! One of these days soon, I know a giggle will come out!


Your sister and brother continue to adore you, which makes my heart burst with joy. You are what they want to see first thing when they wake up in the morning, they insist on saying goodbye to you before they leave for school each day, and they cover you with hugs and kisses as much as possible. I’ll be curious how your relationship with them will continue as you get older. You’ll have to be a tough cookie, I know that much!

You continue to breastfeed well, and you LOVE to spit up all over me too! I’ve never had a spitter-upper before you, but the doctor tells me that as long as you are gaining weight and happy about it, then there’s no reason for concern. So for now, I will be smelling like spit up 24/7, but you are more than worth it little guy!

I ended up taking you to the doctor this past week after discovering a strange bump/bruise looking thing on your belly by your rib cage. Initially I thought it was a little bruise you may have gotten from a pinched carseat or swing buckle, but it wouldn’t go away so I started to feel a little concerned. The doctor declared it a hemangioma, which is essentially a type of birthmark, and are totally normal in babies and should fade with time. My mama heart was so relieved! While we were there, they weighed you and you came in at 14 pounds 8 ounces, which means you are continuing to grow into a chunky babe, and I absolutely love it!

I’m going to hold my breath when I say this, but you’re finally starting to sleep through the night every once in awhile! We still have the occasional rough night of multiple wake-ups, but you will typically sleep a nice long stretch from 11pm - 6 or 7am, which has been a life changer this month! I know the first year varies with sleep, so we are just going with it and enjoying it for now. Who knows what next month (or even tomorrow) will bring!

We just love you Smith Alexander! Keep being sweet and happy, my cute boy. Until next month!


Your Mommy